Phil Spencer ‘doesn’t see a world’ where Xbox Series S has to miss out on some games | VGC

Phil Spencer ‘doesn’t see a world’ where Xbox Series S has to miss out on some games | VGC

Phil Spencer [574 articles]” href=””>Phil Spencer has said the company doesn’t have any plans to allow the release of Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft) [2,806 articles]” href=””>Microsoft’s consoles.

Some developers have argued that having to cater to Microsoft’s entry-level console is limiting the potential of current-gen games.

And the Xbox release of one this year’s most high-profile titles, is currently being held up by technical issues encountered by developer Eurogamer on Wednesday. “And we’re taking feedback from devs including Larian, I met with them today to talk about it and I’m confident we’re going to find a good solution and we’re going to learn.

“I don’t see a world where we drop S. In terms of parity, I don’t think you’ve heard from us or Larian, that this was about parity. I think that’s more that the community is talking about it. There are features that ship on X today that do not ship on S, even from our own games, like ray-tracing that works on X, it’s not on S in certain games. So for an S customer, they spent roughly half what the X customer bought, they understand that it’s not going to run the same way.

“I want to make sure games are available on both, that’s our job as a platform holder and we’re committed to that with our partners,” Spencer continued. “And I think we’re gonna get there with Larian. So I’m not overly worried about that, but we’ve learned some stuff through it.

“Having an entry level price point for console, sub-$300, is a good thing for the industry. I think it’s important, the the price of current-gen consoles won’t come down over time in the same way as other systems have in past generations.

He also thinks a mid-gen refresh would create “a ton of complexity for creators and players”, and said he’d like to find ways to ensure that hundreds of Xbox 360 titles aren’t lost when the console’s digital store closes next year.

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