‘Starfield’ fans create sandwich countdown in space while waiting for launch

‘Starfield’ fans create sandwich countdown in space while waiting for launch

Two Starfield fans are counting down the days until Bethesda‘s newest role-playing game launches with a timer that counts in sandwiches.

Twitch streamer Blurbs and 3D modeller and artist Anik Deysigns collaborated to create starfieldsandwich.com, which takes the viewer to a room on a ship that is looking out into space. Every five minutes, a sandwich is dispensed out of the ceiling, adding to the amassing pile that will likely fill the floor once the countdown is over.

It’s time! I made you all a countdown website that will be dropping sandwiches every 5 minutes ALL THE WAY TO LAUNCH!
by u/Blurbss in Starfield

Between the start of the countdown and the launch of Starfield‘s early access on September 1 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, over 2,500 sandwiches will land in the room. It’s not just a looping animation, though.

“We’re less than ten days away from the early access and I wanted to give something cool to the community to help pass the time,” said Blurbs. “Be sure to check in every day as the pile grows, not to mention certain ‘things’ might start happening as we get closer to launch.”

One of these events is a wormhole that appears in the darkness of space that starts to emit sweet rolls, wheels of cheese and more from Skyrim.

“While incredibly stupid, this actually took an insane amount of work from multiple people. We really hope you enjoy it and feel free to share!” continued the streamer.

The preoccupation with Starfield‘s sandwiches originated with the realisation that the in-game valuation of the foodstuff seemed to be oddly high compared to contemporary standards.

‘Starfield’ Credit: Bethesda

As such, players worked out that an entire spaceship is worth the same as 65 sandwiches.

Additionally, producer Jamie Mallory revealed her secret pleasure in her piratical Starfield playthrough – stealing all of the sandwiches from enemy ships and storing them in her own cargo hold. She also has a spaceship shaped like a sandwich which she christened ‘The Griller’.

“The name itself strikes fear, but when you witness this mammoth sub-like creation gracefully landing in a cutscene or zipping across the cosmos, it’s pure comedic gold,” said Mallory.

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