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The Crew Motorfest is all geared up for a September release, but if you’re undecided about Ivory Tower’s open-world racer, you can try the free trial. Here’s all we know about The Crew Motorfest free trail. 

2023 is crammed with racers, with games like The Crew Motorfest, Ride 5, and Forza Motorsport due shortly. Past that, we have the return of the long-dormant Test Drive Unlimited series with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

There’s a lot to look forward to, and if you missed the earlier The Crew Motorfest beta, you can hop in again to try Ivory Tower’s version of Hawaiin paradise, which has an expansive campaign about car culture and a massive list of 600+ vehicles.

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But how much of that is available in the free trial? Here’s all we know about The Crew Motorfest free trial, including dates, how to play, and content.

The Crew Motorfest free trial start & end date

The Crew Motorfest free trial starts right as the game launches on September 14 and will be available until September 17, but you can play only for five hours.

A shot of an electric car in The Crew MotorfestUbisoft

The Crew Motorfest will free trial will require an online connection, as the game is always online.

The Crew Motorfest free trial platforms

The Crew Motorfest free trial is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Game Store and Ubisoft Connect, as well as Amazon Luna.

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Much like the base game, the free trial supports cross-play and cross-progression, and with progression being carried over from the trial, you don’t have to worry about losing progress no matter which platform you play the trial on.

How to play The Crew Motorfest free trial

The Crew Motorfest’s free trial is available for everyone, and all you’ve to do is look for the game’s page on your desired storefront. Just search for The Crew Motorfest on the store you want to play on and download it.

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What content is available in The Crew Motorfest free trial?

You can access the entire campaign and explore the full map during The Crew Motorfest’s free trial, meaning there is no content that is gated off. However, as said earlier, the trial only allows you to play five hours in total.

Just as you boot the trial, the clock will start ticking, so while you’re free to play whatever you want in the game, your session can’t last more than five hours. 

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