Turok 3 remaster will complete the return of the dinosaur-blasting FPS trilogy later this year

Turok 3 remaster will complete the return of the dinosaur-blasting FPS trilogy later this year

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Shadow of Oblivion will make its way to PC for the first time this autumn.

Image credit: Nightdive Studios

The third Turok game will join its predecessors in escaping the Nintendo 64 (and a weird Game Boy Color spin-off) for the first time as a 4K remaster of 2000’s Shadow of Oblivion heads to PC later this year.

The upcoming remaster of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion is in the works over at Nightdive Studios, who previously worked on revamping Turok: Dinosaur Hunter in 2015 and its sequel Turok 2: Seeds of Evil two years later. According to Nightdive, this remaster will mark the first time Turok 3 has been widely available in the more than 20 years since its original release.

Like those games, and Nightdive’s recently announced remaster of Star Wars FPS Dark Forces, its Turok 3 remaster will make use of the studio’s KEX engine, and bump up the N64 game to a 4K resolution running at 120 frames per second. As well as sharper high-res textures for characters, weapons and environments and smoother animations, the remaster will feature improved lighting and rendering, with the addition of anti-aliasing, bloom, ambient occlusion, dynamic shadows and motion blur.

Joining the visual overhaul will be tweaked gameplay and quality-of-life improvements such as gamepad support and achievements.

Turok 3 follows its two heroes, Joseph and Danielle Fireseed, in their fight against the evil entity known as Oblivion and its Flesh Eater followers. The two protagonists have unique gameplay abilities, with Danielle able to make use of a grapple hook, more power weapons and a higher jump for more manoeuvrable combat and Joseph utilising night vision goggles, a sniper rifle and the ability to crawl into small spaces to sneak up on enemies.

The remastered Turok 3 is due to release on PC on November 14th.

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