$900 Pixel Fold inner screen repair kit now available from iFixit

$900 Pixel Fold inner screen repair kit now available from iFixit

Following the 7a and Tablet, iFixit is now selling genuine repair parts for the Pixel Fold, including the foldable screen, and offering detailed replacement guides.

As previously promised, the “Google Pixel Fold Inner Screen” costs $899.99 (or $909.99 for the “Fix Kit” with tools). You’re buying the foldable display and the chassis (“inner screen assembly,” seen below), which includes the side frame it’s attached to. This also comes with the fingerprint sensor and volume rocker.

Pixel Fold screen repair

Furthermore, the $900 kit comes with both batteries, which retail for $49.99 each when purchased separately. The “Flip Battery” is the 3,267 mAh component underneath the cover display, while there’s also a 1,460 mAh “Base Battery” on the back.

Meanwhile, the Outer Display costs $159.99. (For comparison, the screen on a Pixel 7 Pro is $199.99.) iFixit also sells the three rear cameras for $139.99, while both front cameras cost $42.99 each.

Pixel Fold screen repair

The Rear Cover costs $69.99 and is available in Black (Obsidian) or Silver (Porcelain) with the interesting ability to choose between the “Global” and “North America, United Kingdom, Germany” styles. The latter features regulatory markings at the bottom, and the other doesn’t.

iFixit offers detailed disassembly and replacement guides for the:

  • 5G mmWave Antenna
  • Back Glass
  • Base Battery
  • Base Front Camera
  • Base Vibrator
  • Bottom Speaker
  • Detune Board
  • Earpiece Speaker
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Flip Battery
  • Flip Front Camera
  • Inner Screen Assembly
  • Logic Board
  • Lower Board
  • Outer Screen
  • Rear Cameras
  • SIM Card Tray
  • Top Speaker
  • Ultra Wideband Antenna
  • Volume Button

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