All maps in Party Animals, explained and ranked

All maps in Party Animals, explained and ranked

Party Animals has 20 maps and all of them are fun. In fact, I think one of Party Animals’ strong suits is the quality of the maps. Here are all 20 maps in Party Animals and how I’d rank them.

Note: Though Party Animals doesn’t explicitly have a free-for-all mode, you can play a free-for-all mode by following the steps in our guide. It’s really easy, but it’s hidden.

Every map in Party Animals, explained

Party Animals has three game modes: Last Stand, Team Score, and Arcade. Last Stand has nine maps, Team Score has nine maps, and Arcade has two maps. If you jump into Quick Match, you get to vote on one of three maps and all 20 maps can show up.

  • Last Stand
    • IchibanAncient ruins that have noxious green gas that rises as the game continues.
    • Typhoon – Submarine that sinks as the game continues.
    • Broken Arrow – Airplane that freezes on both ends as the game continues.
    • Winter Is Coming – A collection of outdoor bonfires that go out one by one as the game continues.
    • Wind Tunnel – An arena with heavy wind that blows you off the stage but it can be blocked by gates. The switches can break after being used too many times.
    • Blackhole Lab – Arena where a blackhole emerges and sucks everything into the center.
    • Beat-Up Bridge – Bridge that breaks as the game continues.
    • Gator Valley – River bridge that experiences huge waves that progressively get bigger as the game continues.
    • Ice Breaker – Iceberg that breaks apart as the game continues.
  • Team Score
    • Lollipop FactoryFactory setting where you collect candy to win.
    • Fluffy Redemption – Parallel trains stage where the winner is the one that is further ahead.
    • Into The Game – Game show stage where the team with the most coins collected in the arcade video game wins.
    • Safely Afloat – Float the box safe attached to a balloon over to your side to win.
    • Trebuchet – Send bombs over to the other side via trebuchets to win.
    • Buzz Ball – Goofy Party Animals basketball but the ball can electrocute you and blow up if too many people hold it.
    • Beast Hockey – Goofy Party Animals hockey.
    • Beast Soccer – Goofy Party Animals soccer.
    • Beast Football – Goofy Party Animals football (more like rugby).
  • Arcade
    • Final Destination – Subway station stage.
    • Winter Cabin – Winter cabin stage (very Indiana Jones).

Best maps in Party Animals, tier list

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The opinion of what the best maps in Party Animals are is strictly subjective. You may like some maps more than I do and vice versa. That said, I think you’ll agree or at least see reason in my ranking. Here’s what I think are the best maps in Party Animals.

S-tier maps in Party Animals

  • Broken Arrow
  • Fluffy Redemption
  • Beat-Up Bridge
  • Ice Breaker
  • Final Destination

I think the most fun Last Stand map in Party Animals is Broken Arrow. The setting of this map is exhilarating and the fights that occur here are epic. The gimmicks of the plane tilting and the sides getting icy add just enough flair to keep it interesting. The second best Last Stand map is Beat-Up Bridge because there are a lot of intense moments that can happen since the bridge can break anywhere at any time.

I love Ice Breaker and think it’s a flawless map. I love how the iceberg breaks up and I love how careful you need to be to not get thrown into the water.

Fluffy Redemption is the best Team Score map because jumping from one train to another is always fun and there are multiple roles in attacking or defending. It just works really well. Final Destination is also S-tier because it’s a classic map that’s a lot of fun to play.

A-tier maps in Party Animals

  • Typhoon
  • Gator Valley
  • Beast Football
  • Buzz Ball
  • Beast Soccer
  • Beast Hockey
  • Into The Game

A-tier maps are great but they have one or two things that keep them from being the best. Typhoon is a great map (if you know how to swim). The only problem I have with it is it takes too long for the winner to be declared and the top part of the sub has that little hatch that gets players stuck. Gator Valley is fun but it’s chaotic in a bad way sometimes, which makes deaths too random.

All the Party Animals sports maps are great. Buzz Ball and Beast Football are better than Beast Soccer and Beast Hockey because they take the sport and add a little twist to it to make it feel fresh. Into The Game is an excellent map that is very creative, but being a stationary target on the arcade machine is too easy.

B-tier maps in Party Animals

All Party Animals Maps Explained

Screenshot: PC Invasion

  • Ichiban
  • Blackhole Lab
  • Winter Is Coming
  • Winter Cabin
  • Trebuchet
  • Lollipop Factory

The B-tier maps are good but they have a few things that hold them back. Ichiban is a little too plain and the green gas that climbs onto the stage can be hard to see. Blackhole Lab is a solid map that I want to like more, but the random winner when everybody gets sucked in on the fourth or fifth time is not great.

Winter Is Coming is too dark and small which is kind of the point, but it isn’t particularly fun. Winter Cabin is a solid map but I honestly think it’s a bit too big. Throwing players out into the cold is hard to do because you need to walk so far.

Trebuchet is pretty fun but the objective can be confusing and stopping bombs feels too challenging. Lollipop Factory has another dull factory setting for no reason and it lacks the strategy of Fluffy Redemption and Into The Game.

C-tier maps in Party Animals

  • Safely Afloat
  • Wind Tunnel

While I do think that every map in Party Animals is good, I think the C-tier maps are the weakest. Safely Afloat isn’t the best because the one objective makes the game a little boring and too easy. Wind Tunnel is the worst map in Party Animals because the stage being set in a factory is dull and the randomness of the wind is too unpredictable.

Regardless of what Party Animals maps you love or skip, you can bump up the difficulty by disabling weapons.

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