Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) vs Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021): What’s new?

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) vs Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021): What’s new?

Amazon has just announced its latest array of hardware, including the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, Fire TV Stick 4K streaming player, Echo Show 8 and Echo Hub smart displays and the eero Max 7 mesh system. 

It’s been two years since Amazon last updated its Fire HD 10 line with the 11th generation Fire HD 10 (2021). Because two years have passed, Amazon has jumped to the 13th generation with the new Fire HD 10 (2023). 

Keep reading to learn more about what’s new on the Fire HD 10… 

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) is slimmer 

The Fire HD 10 has been given a minor design update for 2023. The tablet has the same 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 display, but the dimensions are slimmer and the device is a bit more lightweight. 

The 2023 model measures 246 x 164.8 x 8.6 mm and weighs 434g, while the previous model measures 247 x 166 x 9.2 mm and weighs 31g heavier at 465g. 

Amazon Fire HD 10 2023
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023)

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) is faster 

The Fire HD 10 (2023) is powered by a new octa-core 2.0 GHz processor paired with 3GB of RAM, offering 25% faster performance compared to the 2021 model. 

This performance boost is something we hope to see reflected when using apps and playing games on the Fire tablet. 

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) has a bigger front camera

Another prominent upgrade this year is the 5-megapixel front camera. This replaces the 2-megapixel shooter on the Fire HD 10 (2021). 

Video capture has also been updated, with the resolution increasing from 720p to 1080p. This means that you can now hop on video calls and share your face in Full HD. 

Amazon Fire HD 10 apps landscape
Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) has a longer battery life

With the Fire HD 10 (2023), the 10-inch Fire Tablet has been given a small battery boost, taking the battery life from up to 12 hours to up to 13 hours on a single charge. Of course, how many hours you get out of your tablet will typically depend on the apps and features you use during the day. 

The new Fire HD 10 is also capable of charging from 0 to 100% in less than four hours with a 9W power adaptor and less than three hours with a 15W adaptor. The Fire HD 10 (2021) required approximately four hours to charge when paired with a 9W adaptor. 

The Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) is better for notetaking 

If you prefer to scrawl down your notes by hand or have a tendency to doodle during meetings or class, the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) has a new perk. 

Along with the Fire HD Max 11 (2023), the Fire HD 10 (2023) is the only Fire tablet currently compatible with Amazon’s Made for Amazon Stylus Pen (sold separately). 

The stylus has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and 45-degrees of tilt support, making it ideal for sketching, colouring, notetaking and signing PDFs. 

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