An early iPhone 15 Pro teardown looks inside Apple’s new flagship phone

An early iPhone 15 Pro teardown looks inside Apple’s new flagship phone

Want to get a look at the inside of the iPhone 15 Pro? The flagship handheld hasn’t even started shipping yet, but the folks over at PBKreviews have already taken apart the device, revealing the redesigned midframe chassis, along with all the components nestled beneath the iPhone 15 Pro’s screen and glass backing.

The video starts with the careful removal of the display using a screen disassembly device and a plastic pick. From there, PBKreviews disconnects the screen from the body of the phone and removes a series of cables. That’s when we get a good look at the iPhone 15’s camera assembly, which has three Phillips screws holding it down.

The camera assembly on the iPhone 15 Pro.

After removing the entire camera assembly, PBKreviews offers a close-up view of the iPhone 15 Pro’s 48MP main camera, 12MP telephoto lens, and 12MP ultrawide lens. PBKreviews also manages to take off the iPhone 15 Pro’s 12MP front-facing camera and the TrueDepth Face ID camera. Other components highlighted during the video include the iPhone 15 Pro’s Taptic Engine, lidar sensor, USB-C port, and battery.

You can also see how PBKreviews removes the glass backing of the device using a suction cup and a plastic pick, a design tweak Apple made with the iPhone 14 to make it easier to repair. While the design change may make the device mechanically easier (and cheaper) to repair, it doesn’t change Apple’s parts pairing requirement, which prevents DIYers and repair shops from recycling old parts or purchasing new ones.

Because of that obstacle, iFixit retroactively lowered its repairability score for the iPhone 14 from a seven to a four. iFixit still hasn’t released its teardown video of the iPhone 15, but we can likely expect a similar score due to the same constraints.


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