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Starfield is all about developing your skill tree and growing as a character while exploring the brilliance of space. As it is a part of Bethesda’s impressive RPG line-up many wonder if the game has a respec mechanic if you ever need it. Here’s everything you have to know about respeccing in Starfield.

After being released on September 6 worldwide, Starfield has quickly become one of the most-played games in 2023. Competing with massive names in the RPG niche, this game already receives Game of the Year shouts from many happy fans.

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With an impressive skill tree and immersive gameplay progression, fans can really feel the joy of getting stronger to face the dangers lurking in outer space. But what if you mess up by investing your skill points into the wrong skill?

For the ones looking for another option, here’s everything you need to know about respeccing your character in Starfield.

Is it possible to respec your character in Starfield?

Starfield characterBethesda

Starfield’s character progression is extremely immersive.

As of writing, it is not yet possible to respec your character in Starfield. So if you mistakenly invest a skill point into an unwanted skill, you cannot get the point back.

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However, it should not be much of a problem in this game. Starfield has no limit on its character progression. This means, that you can progress indefinitely, as much as you want. Although you will receive an achievement for crossing level 100 in the game, you can progress far beyond it.

This basically means that even if you put a single skill point into the wrong ability, you can keep that in mind and wait to achieve your next skill point. Getting XP in Starfield is pretty simple as you can just get on a planet with abundant high-level fauna and start killing them one by one.

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So do not worry about respeccing your character in Starfield as you will continuously receive skill points as you level up. This was everything you had to know about respeccing your character in the game.

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