Diablo 4’s Butcher will rain down hell in Warzone 2 Season 6 – Dexerto

Diablo 4’s The Butcher miniboss is joining Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2’s The Haunting mid-season 6 event.

Call of Duty’s The Haunting event is returning for spooky season, launching alongside the mid-season 6 rollout. Players can expect to encounter a host of supernatural activities across Vondel.

Leaks pointed to several guest characters joining the fray, too, all of whom have since been confirmed as upcoming additions. Thus, MW2 and Warzone 2 faithful can look forward to Hellrising’s Alucard, Spawn, Skeletor, and Evil Dead 2’s Ash Williams.

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Some leaks additionally pointed to Diablo 4 villains Lilith and The Butcher touching down. These have also proven accurate – let’s just say, players should prepare themselves for a nightmare worthy of hell itself.

Warzone 2’s The Haunting welcomes Diablo 4’s Butcher

Activision has confirmed that demons from Sanctuary are spilling into Vondel, thanks in no small part to “a demonic incantation by a sorceress [that’s also] unleashed a zombie outbreak.” The undead may not be the biggest concern, though.

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Several demonic altars have cropped up around Vondead, presumably powering the supernatural events and bearing some link to a myth known only as “The Butcher.”

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Players willing to face the Diablo 4 miniboss will be able to summon him, and then enter the underworld. All who bring the hulking creature to his knees should reap great rewards, though the specifics are not yet known.

warzone 2 diablo butcherBlizzard Entertainment

How formidable Warzone 2’s Butcher battle will be compared to his Diablo 4 encounters remains a mystery for now. Many players consider the massive demon to be just as difficult to defeat as Uber Lilith – if not more so.


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Warzone 2 and MW2 players can determine that for themselves when The Haunting begins during the mid-season rollout on October 17.

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