FineWoven Cases For iPhone 15 Pro “Looks Like Absolute Trash” as Early Reactions Highlight S…

FineWoven Cases For iPhone 15 Pro “Looks Like Absolute Trash” as Early Reactions Highlight S…

It was initially speculated that Apple will be moving away from the Leather cases with the launch of its iPhone 15 Pro models. While the rumors stood out to be accurate, the new FineWoven material did not meet the hype. According to the latest, users have shared their thoughts on the quality of the FineWovem case for the iPhone 15 Pro, suggesting that it does not match the premium price tag of the accessory.

Apple’s FineWoven Cases for iPhone 15 Pro receive criticism over poor quality with a hefty price tag

Apple has not only stopped making leather cases but ditched it entirely for all its accessories, including the MagSafe Wallet and the AirTag holders. This means that the company is not planning to offer leather accessories for any of its products. Apple’s decision to ditch leather and adopt FineWoven cases for the iPhone is to reduce its carbon footprint. While it is for a good cause, the company could enhance the quality of the cases. A lot of users are sharing their thoughts on the FineWoven cases for iPhone 15 Pro, suggesting that the quality is bad for the price.

iPhone 15 Pro FineWoven Case Poor Quality Reactions

The Verge‘s Alison Johnson called the FineWoven cases “really bad” and described the accessory lineup as “categorically terrible”. A user on Reddit stated that the case feels like a “polyester pillowcase sandwiched in a plastic shell.” Another user on Reddit exclaimed that the case feels nice but it is “not worth $60.” A user by the name of @eggbutspam stated that the “FineWoven case looks like absolute trash.”

Ive been using apple’s cases for my phones since the iphone 7, but I’ve never returned a case so fast like I did with the finewoven case I preordered last Friday. Finewoven looks like absolute trash

— egg but spam #FlyEaglesFly 2-0 (@eggbutspam) September 19, 2023

In my opinion, Apple’s move to reduce the carbon footprint is great, but it should have offered an alternative that matches the premium outlook of the Leather cases. If Apple is planning to offer FineWoven cases for a long time, it should make alterations to the material and design of the cases. For instance, Google offered fabric cases for the Pixel lineup in the past and they appear to look more premium than Apple’s rendition.

Some users have returned their FineWoven cases for the iPhone 15 Pro due to the design and poor quality of the case. However, there are a tonne of third-party accessory makers that are offering premium cases for the flagship iPhone models cheaper than Apple’s new cases. It remains to be seen how the new cases look after wear and tear, so be sure to stick around for more details on the subject.

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