iPhone 15 Pro teardown video shows new chassis design, A17 Pro chip, more – 9to5Mac

iPhone 15 Pro teardown video shows new chassis design, A17 Pro chip, more – 9to5Mac

The iPhone 15 Pro includes a big change that most people will never know about: a redesigned internal chassis architecture that makes repairs significantly easier (and cheaper). A new teardown posted on YouTube today offers a closer look at this change, plus the new camera hardware and more.

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During the iPhone 15 Pro segment of last week’s Wonderlust event, Apple specifically called out the new chassis design of the device. Apple said that repairing an iPhone 15 Pro has become easier due to a “new internal chassis architecture” that allows the back glass to be “easily replaced.”

In turn, this means that back glass repairs are now drastically cheaper for the iPhone 15 Pro, as 9to5Mac first reported last week. This is the same change that first came to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus last year.

“If you need to replace the back glass, all you’d have to do is heat up the back, pry the back glass off, and disconnect the flex cable from the backside of the board,” today’s teardown from PBKreviews explains. You can also see how the back glass includes the MagSafe charging coil, the LED flash, and the connectors to the microphone.

One random tidbit I noticed that probably means nothing: The aluminum internal cover for the iPhone 15 Pro’s A17 Pro chip doesn’t feature any sort of branding or logo. On the flipside, the iPhone 14 Pro’s chip was clearly branded with an A16 Bionic logo. I wonder if Apple made this change to make sure the new “A17 Pro” branding didn’t leak.

Writing about teardowns doesn’t do them a whole lot of justice, so I’ll refer you to the video below for the full experience. Our friends at iFixit will also presumably have their own teardown of the iPhone 15 Pro sometime in the next few days, with more details on repairability.

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