Lies of P players believe Souls game is a true “Bloodborne sequel” – Dexerto

The unlikely formula Lies of P uses has been a success with players absolutely loving the unconventional mix of Soulslike elements and the age-old Pinocchio fable. In fact, the player base is so enamored by the title that they believe it is a spiritual Bloodborne successor.

There are certain games every once in a while where their legacy transcends generations. One fine example of this is FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. Before Elden Ring, and even then, many Souls players consider Bloodborne to be FromSoft’s magnum opus. Tons of games have copied the company’s illustrious gameplay formula to varying results.

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2023’s Lies of P is the latest game to give it a crack. Unlike many other Soulslike narratives, Lies of P puts storytelling at the forefront of its adventure. Using a unique retelling of Pinocchio, players take the titular character through the Ergo-afflicted world of Krat. The consensus has been positive so far, and some users have gone as far as saying that it easily compares to Bloodborne!

pinocchio fighting sub-boss in lies of pNeowiz Games, Round 8 Studio

Lies of P “scratches that Bloodborne itch” for a sequel

Not a single Sony State of Play seems to go by without at least someone asking for either a Bloodborne remaster or sequel. Well, Lies of P appears to be the game to fill that void, according to players.

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“So I’m a massive Souls fan (played all of them), and I’ve always been on the lookout for the next Souls experience that I’d really enjoy. But this game…just, wow! I’d truly recommend this to every FromSoft fan and this game being from a new studio is absolutely nuts. The effort put into this game is truly extraordinary. Absolutely worth the day 1 purchase,” said Reddit user Bilaal98.

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The top comment on the post was in complete agreement going as far as to call it a Bloodborne sequel: “I am a die-hard Souls fan, and I am absolutely in love with the game so far. This is the first Soulslike game that wasn’t developed by FromSoft that I have played that really feels like the same quality as a FromSoft game. It feels like we just got [a] Bloodborne / Sekiro sequel.”


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Another claimed said that “This game will blow the minds of people that think it’s just a cheap attempt at a soul-like game. It’s incredible,” and another player chimed in: “Loved the demo and playing on Game Pass. It’s scratching my Bloodborne itch nicely.”

It must be a great honor for developers Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio to hear such compliments. They will also be impressed by the player who has managed to beat every boss in the game without taking a single hit.

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