Microsoft-owned GitHub rolls out AI-powered coding chatbot to more users –

Microsoft-owned GitHub rolls out AI-powered coding chatbot to more users –

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To provide enhanced coding assistance, GitHub, the famous developer platform now owned by Microsoft, has announced the expansion of its AI-powered coding chatbot, Copilot Chat.

Following the initial launch of Copilot Chat in public beta for business users in July, GitHub has extended its availability to individual users in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code as part of the public beta release.

Copilot Chat aims to provide developers with a conversational assistant who can lend a helping hand while writing code. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology, this innovative feature enables individuals and teams alike to access support, whether it’s learning new programming languages or frameworks, troubleshooting bugs, or seeking answers to coding-related queries.

Importantly, this assistance remains seamlessly integrated within the coding environment, eliminating the need to switch applications or leave the IDE.

In a recent blog post, GitHub expressed their enthusiasm for the expanded availability of Copilot Chat, stating, “Now, teams of developers and individuals alike can use GitHub Copilot Chat to learn new languages or frameworks, troubleshoot bugs, or get answers to coding questions in simple, natural language outputs—all without leaving the IDE.”

This user-friendly approach to accessing coding support simplifies the development process and empowers programmers to accomplish more efficiently.

For those interested in exploring this exciting new feature, GitHub offers a subscription to Copilot Chat at an accessible price. The Copilot tier for individual users can be obtained for $10 per month or $100 per year, unlocking the comprehensive benefits of this cutting-edge coding assistant.

As the demand for efficient and intelligent coding solutions continues to rise, GitHub’s expansion of Copilot Chat addresses the needs of developers worldwide. By seamlessly integrating AI assistance into their workflow, programmers can now greatly enhance their productivity and easily overcome development challenges.

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