Move list for A.K.I. revealed for Street Fighter 6 confirming she’s NOT a charge character

Move list for A.K.I. revealed for Street Fighter 6 confirming she’s NOT a charge character


There had been much debate and speculation regarding how A.K.I. will / should control in Street Fighter 6, but we finally have our answer.

Capcom just shared A.K.I.’s official move list ahead of her release next week, which confirms she is NOT in fact a charge character.

Nope, as the listings show, the new poison user is all about the motions baby, but there’s still some things of intrigue found within.

“Is A.K.I. a charge character?”

🐦 Like a bird, F.A.N.G darted around with charge inputs.
🐍 Like a snake, A.K.I. coils and slithers with motion inputs.

TL;DR: No, she is not a charge character. But she might charge you to taste her poison.

— Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) September 20, 2023

What’s perhaps most interesting is that A.K.I. only has one regular version of her Nightshade Pulse bubble projectile done with quarter circle back and light punch on Classic controls, so she’s probably not going to be able to mix up her fireball speed without spending meter.

That motion with medium punch gives her the Orchid Spring poison puddle while the heavy punch gives her the Toxic Wreath, and they may not even have Overdrive versions going by this image.

Another point of interest is that only her Serpent Lash special is listed as causing the Toxic Blossom explosion though this admittedly isn’t the complete move list since it’s missing things like A.K.I.’s Sinister Slide follow-ups.

And not only is she not a charge character, A.K.I. doesn’t have any specials that need a Shoryuken or half-circle motion either. She’s just all quarter circles except the down and two punches needed for Sinister Slide.

Going by this list, the poison dealer may not have access to her Orchid Spring and Toxic Wreath attacks in Modern controls outside of maybe an auto-combo option though we’ll have to wait and find out for sure there.

Earlier this week, Capcom also released the official character guide for A.K.I., so check that out to learn more about how her specials and poison mechanic works in SF6 if you haven’t already.

You can find A.K.I.’s move list below ahead of her release on September 27, 2023.

A.K.I. move list SF6 image #1

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