New Lego Pirahna plant set is so cute it’s a menace to bank balances everywhere

New Lego Pirahna plant set is so cute it’s a menace to bank balances everywhere

A Lego Piranha Plant from Super Mario has been announced, and the 500-piece kit recreates the classic foe/houseplant in miniature.

Due to hit shelves in early November, the Lego Piranha Plant stands at 23cm tall and is part of the ‘for adults’ range like last year’s The Mighty Bowser. Much like the Koopa king, this one is fully posable with a moving head, mouth, stalk, and leaves. However, we’re not sure whether it’ll interact with the digital Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures just yet.

You can find out more about the kit below, and you’ll be able to add it to your collection of the best Lego sets this November 6. 

Lego Piranha Plant

Lego Piranha Plant sat on  a wooden table

(Image credit: Lego)

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Price $59.99 / £57.99
Release date November 6
Ages 18+
Pieces 540
Minifigures None
Item number 71426

At 500 pieces, this is one of Lego’s smaller kits – but it’s no less full of personality. Besides being fully poseable, it’s built from the ground up as if it’s ‘growing’ out of its pot.

I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the price of this set, too; it’s cheaper than I thought it might be and fits rather nicely in the gifts for gamers camp. I imagine it’ll go on more than a few wishlists, and that early November release date makes it worth keeping an eye out for in this year’s Black Friday Lego deals.

“When designing the Piranha Plant, it felt important to capture its distinctive features and ensure that the set could be positioned in a way that reflects its iconic poses,” says Lego Super Mario senior designer Carl Merriam. “I’m so proud of the finished result, from the mouth to the leaves and stalk, we’ve managed to perfectly portray the menacing essence of the Piranha Plant!”

It’s not available for pre-order at the moment, but the Lego Piranha Plant will go on sale via the official Lego store and select retailers (presumably Amazon, Walmart, and other big hitters). 

An equally larger-than-life model was announced recently, though in this case it was a bit more literal – the new Venator is one of the biggest Lego Star Wars kits to date.

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