Nine Minutes of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay Is Enough to Make You Drool

Nine Minutes of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay Is Enough to Make You Drool


Capcom’s shown off a brand new chunk of gameplay for Dragon’s Dogma 2, and boy is this action RPG sequel looking good. As we’ve come to expect of the Japanese developer, the weighted combat looks like an absolute blast, and a true evolution of the mechanics that were present in the first Dragon’s Dogma.

You’ll still have distinctly different character classes to choose from, and you’ll once again be scaling larger beasts in order to bring them down or strike weak points. And as previously confirmed, the pawn system returns, allowing you to recruit AI-driven, not-quite-human party members for your adventures. Again, it all looks fantastic.

The wait for a release date continues, however. 2024 seems like a safe bet at this point — probably the summer or autumn — but Capcom’s keeping its cards close to its chest. Hopefully we get another glimpse of the game soon.

How do you think Dragon’s Dogma 2 is shaping up? Gather your pawns, grab your oversized sword, and venture into the comments section below.

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