Persona 3 Reload Confirms All-New Story Scenes and Character Interactions

Persona 3 Reload Confirms All-New Story Scenes and Character Interactions

Even for Strega

Persona 3 Reload New Story

It was hinted at in the game’s latest trailer, but now it’s been confirmed through an official press release: Persona 3 Reload will feature all-new story scenes and additional character interactions. Overall, the remake will obviously stick to the original plot, but it sounds like Atlus has taken this opportunity to expand upon all sorts of stuff, such as Strega — the antagonist group.

“Persona 3 Reload will also have completely new scenes focusing on members of Strega. Look forward to
learning more about their past and perspective,” reads the press material. This is in addition to fresh “Linked Episodes”, which reveal “sides of certain characters that have never been explored”.

Atlus goes on to explain that offering advice and friendship during these new interactions will unlock more persona fusions. In the original Persona 3, you couldn’t actually forge social links with your male allies, so we’re left wondering whether this new system fills the gaps.

Are you happy to know Persona 3 Reload has more of… well, pretty much everything? Tell us about the character interactions you’d like to see in the comments section below.

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