Pixel Fold repair costs reveal the high price of innovation

Pixel Fold repair costs reveal the high price of innovation

The beauty of foldable screens comes with a hefty price tag for mishaps


  • The new Pixel Fold smartphone from Google may have impressive features, but its flexible inner screen will be tricky to replace.
  • A replacement inner screen is now available through iFixIt, but it costs a staggering $900.
  • iFixit offers a repair kit for the Pixel Fold’s inner screen, which includes tools and guides, but the complex repair process involves 126 steps.

Smartphones are a vital tool but also a potential weak point. We all love exploring the newest bells and whistles, but the ease with which they can break and the ensuing repair bills serve as stark reminders of their fragility. Not long ago, I experienced this firsthand when someone inadvertently knocked my Pixel 6 from my grip. A day and $300 later, with a screen that felt a tad different, I had it back. A significant inconvenience for a brief slip-up.

Enter the Pixel Fold, Google’s groundbreaking foldable smartphone. However, as impressive as its tech specs might be, the cost to replace its inner screen might leave many in shock. As reported by 9to5Google, iFixit is offering a genuine repair kit for the Pixel Fold’s inner screen, and it’s not for the faint of heart or light of wallet.

According to details released, iFixIt’s Google Pixel Fold Inner Screen repair kit will set you back a whopping $900. For an extra $10, you can opt for the Fix Kit version, which includes tools. This isn’t just for the foldable display itself, though. The package includes the inner screen assembly, which consists of the chassis it’s attached to, along with the fingerprint sensor and volume rocker. Worth noting is the inclusion of both batteries in this $900 kit. Purchased separately, these batteries would cost $50 each.

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To offer some perspective on the Pixel Fold’s repair costs, consider this: The outer display is priced at $160. By comparison, a Pixel 7 Pro screen stands at $120. For those looking at potential camera repairs, iFixit sells the three rear camera modules for $140, with both front cameras available at $43 apiece.

In addition to the aforementioned parts, iFixit provides detailed disassembly and replacement guides for a wide range of Pixel Fold components, from antennas and batteries to speakers and SIM card trays. Each of these guides covers every step with images, pointers, and the occasional words of caution, so it’s about as easy as DIY tech repair can get.

While the high repair costs can be daunting, it’s a reflection of the intricate engineering and design packed into these foldable devices. The Pixel Fold, with its foldable screen and sophisticated features, embodies the frontier of smartphone technology. But as with all cutting-edge tech, it comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and corresponding price tags.

So, if you’re a proud owner of a Pixel Fold or planning to get one, handle with care. Because repairing that mesmerizing inner screen will cost you nearly a grand. And that’s if you’re brave enough to do it yourself — after all, iFixIt’s Pixel Fold inner screen repair guide has a daunting 126 steps, and none of them look particularly easy.

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