Samsung Debuts Tough New S23, but They’re Not Available for Everyone

Samsung Debuts Tough New S23, but They’re Not Available for Everyone

Samsung has two tough new versions of its latest smartphones, but you’ll probably never have one — the Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition and Galaxy XCover6 Pro Tactical Edition are designed and sold only to military, first responders and some other physical jobs.

The Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition is like the Galaxy S23, with a 6.1-inch screen but much slimmer form factor, while the Galaxy XCover6 Pro Tactical Edition is like the Galaxy S23 Plus, with a bigger 6.6-inch screen, but ruggedized and able to withstand “extreme conditions.”

The Tactical Edition S23 versions come with:

  • Stealth Mode, which enables off-grid communications by disabling 4G and e-911 and muting all radio signals.
  • Connections only to certified 5G networks to prevent unsecure network connections that could be security threats.
  • The new Hypervisor Device Manager as an added layer of security on top of the standard Samsung Knox.
  • The ability to connect to FirstNet, AT&T‘s nationwide wireless network for first responders.
  • Covert Lock, which prevents the phones from emitting an RF signature.
  • Night vision mode.

Samsung said its Tactical Edition phones are used “by all branches of the US military.” In addition to military personnel, the latest versions are also available to first responders, UAS, highway administrations, utility, oil and gas workers, and mining, mineral and exploration companies that “manage critical deployable assets.”

If the idea of a new phone that’s super tough appeals to you but you’re not eligible to get the S23 Tactical Edition, you might want to consider a rugged phone case for your Galaxy S23 phone or if you’re an Apple user, an iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro phone case.

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