Unity responds to backlash over ‘Runtime Fee’ policy

Unity responds to backlash over ‘Runtime Fee’ policy

Unity has swiftly responded to the uproar caused by its proposed ‘runtime fee’ policy, following widespread criticism from game developers and the gaming community. The policy, which sought to charge developers for each installation of a game created with Unity’s engine after specific criteria were met, faced significant backlash. In an X post, Unity issued an apology and acknowledged the strong feedback from developers and the community. The company stated that it is actively listening to this feedback and is committed to making changes to the policy in response.

While Unity’s latest statement appears to be a step in the right direction, some have expressed concerns about the wording, particularly the use of the term “confusion.” Developer Mike Bithell, known for Tron: Identity, voiced his thoughts on the matter. Unity has hinted at upcoming updates to the policy, with expectations of more details being revealed within a couple of days. The community now waits to see what specific changes Unity will implement and whether it will completely retract the contentious ‘runtime fee’ policy.

The rapid response from Unity reflects the impact of community and developer feedback, highlighting the importance of open dialogue between game engine providers and their user base.

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