Vizio’s New Quantum Smart TVs Want to Stress Quality Color for Cheap

Vizio’s New Quantum Smart TVs Want to Stress Quality Color for Cheap

Vizio’s has built up television brand on trying to offer relatively strong picture display quality on a budget, and the company isn’t breaking away from that mold with its latest displays. Vizio announced its new Quantum and Quantum Pro Smart TVs on Thursday, promising relatively good picture quality at all angles for a starting price of $499.

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Despite the viscerally nuclear nature of the name “Quantum” (perhaps even more so for any players who chugged Nuka Cola Quantum in the 3D Fallout games) the name actually fits with what Vizio is offering. The 4K Quantum and Quantum Pro are trying to stuff as many features as they can in relatively cheap Smart TV packages. The regular Quantum is promising the screen will retain the correct color and contrast from a variety of viewing angles while offering a base 60FPS at 4K and 120 FPS at 1080p.

Like the company’s MQX Series, these new screens are QLED. You won’t find the same organic picture quality of OLED, but you make up for that by saving a fair chunk of change. In a press release, Vizio said the Quantums also use Dolby Vision Bright+, a full array LED backlight, and more tuning features to try and eliminate light bleed. Both support Bluetooth headphones, Wi-Fi 6 or better, Airplay 2.0, Chromecast, and come with Vizio’s voice remote.

Vizio announced its latest Quantum and Quantum Pro Smart TVs in time to take advantage of the new football season, especially with the YouTube advertising it’s now hosting Sunday Ticket. Still, the Pro is angling for customers who demand silky-smooth framerates for video gaming. While the regular Quantum supports variable refresh rates of 40-60Hz at 4K resolutions and 48-120Hz at FHD, the Pro can display 4K VRR at 48-120Hz and all the way up to 240Hz at FHD.

The regular Quantum supports brightness up to 300 nits and the Pro allows for 700 nits of full brightness for the smaller 65-inch screen and more than 1,000 nits for the 75-inch display.

Back in June, Vizio showed off its new user interface, one that apes Netflix in form factor and style, and so much for the better, as it’s much more legible and modern-looking compared to its previously clunky and boxy UI.

The Quantum starts at $499 for the 65-inch screen while the 75-inch version will sell for $699. The regular display should be available starting Thursday online through Amazon as well as in-store at Walmart and Sam’s Club. As for the Quantum Pro, there’s a 65-inch version for $699 and it tops out at 75-inches for $999. That TV will get a full debut in the next few weeks, according to VP of product management John Schindler.

The Quantum not as cheap a price as the company’s budget V-Series, but it does meet that mid-range market head one with a relatively competitive price. What we’d really like to see is a cheaper, 55-inch version which would make this an excellent standout TV in a crowded market.

As for all smart TVs, cheapness comes with an extra price. Vizio isn’t alone in the market that sells user data for advertising purposes. One company has pushed this ethos to the limit and offeedr free smart TVs as long as users agree to mass amounts of data collection.

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