watchOS 10 is here officially: new apps, watch faces, metrics, and much more

watchOS 10 for Apple Watch is now available for download and installation on our watches. With a redesign of apps and new metrics for cycling workouts, it’s one of the most significant updates in recent years. Let’s take a look at all its innovations.

New apps, new watch faces, a new experience

The Apple Watch has revamped the interface of its apps, maximizing the use of the screen to display more content and streamline actions. Apps like World Clock, Fitness, and Weather have been transformed, featuring a more colorful design with additional navigation options.

The new Smart Stack enhances customization by allowing access to relevant widgets by rotating the Digital Crown or swiping up from the bottom of the screen, regardless of the configured watch face or complications.

watchOS 10 introduces new watch faces, with one highlighting Snoopy interacting with our watch through animations, and ‘Palette,’ which offers an artistic interpretation of time with colors that change throughout the day.

The Apple Watch hops on the bike and goes hiking

WatchOS 10 expands its features for cycling enthusiasts, providing advanced metrics such as cadence, speed, and real-time power thanks to Bluetooth accessory connectivity. The Power Zones view displays exercise intensity in real-time. These metrics are also available on the iPhone through the Live Activity feature.

For hiking enthusiasts, there are significant updates. The Compass app now offers 3D views of routes with Elevation View and Cellular Connectivity Waypoints that indicate the last point with a mobile signal. Additionally, in the United States, details about nearby trails are provided, including duration, elevation, and photos. The inclusion of topographic maps makes it easier to explore the terrain in detail, and the system alerts when certain altitude levels are reached.

Mental Health and Visual Health

watchOS 10 places a strong emphasis on mental well-being, adding features that allow us to reflect on and track our mood daily. These features include visual effects that make it easier to record emotions and, through notifications, encourage us to maintain this regular record.

Apple reiterates its commitment to privacy, ensuring that all health data is encrypted on the device and not shared without prior permission. Additionally, in an effort to prevent myopia, watchOS 10 measures the time spent outdoors using the ambient light sensor, contributing to visual and mental well-being.

And the list goes on

There are several other minor changes that we can’t overlook. For example, now we can design and follow personalized exercise plans, receiving notifications on the watch. With the sensors in the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 models, developers have the opportunity to create specific apps for sports like golf or tennis.

Additionally, it’s possible to use maps offline, share contact information through NameDrop, make group audio calls and view video messages on FaceTime, and receive reminders for essential medication intake.

With all these changes, watchOS 10 introduces numerous innovations designed to enrich our experience in areas such as health, productivity, and communication. An update that takes the Apple Watch to a new level, redefining its usefulness and functionality with just a push of a button.

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