How to check Payday 3 Server Status

How to check Payday 3 Server Status

Of course with more players jumping into Payday 3, things may not be as smooth as expected for the game. Since the heist shooter is an online-only game, issues probably will come up such as server problems. From my experience of playing Payday 3, it looks like it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes it’s good, other times it can be a chore to get into a match. This can be pointed to the fact that servers may be overloaded with the large influx of players coming on. This guide will show you how to check the server status of Payday 3. Regardless of which platform you’re running on, this guide should come in handy.

Currently, Starbreeze hasn’t given out an official way to check their server status as many games have done. But, you can still get the information through other means. One way that I’ve found is by going on their social media such as Twitter or the Subreddit for Payday 3. Additionally, if you follow Starbreeze on Twitter, you can check for official announcements regarding their servers. This way, you’ll still get in the loop. You can see people talking about their issues, for example, I found out cross-play may be causing problems for me. So I went back into the game and turned it off, and thankfully the issue was fixed. 

Another way to check the server status for Payday 3 is by heading over to the games Down Detector page. Note, that while there’s only a Payday 2 page on Down Detector, the information may be regarding Payday 2. As the game goes on expect a page for Payday 3 which will give you better insight.  It’ll give you real-time information alongside with who’s been impacted and where. Plus, you can read the comment section below to see if your experience is the same as other players. 

Expect the game to have a rough launch for a few days mainly because Payday 3 is on Game Pass which will have even more players join in the fun. 

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