YouTube rolls out four new AI tools for creators

YouTube rolls out four new AI tools for creators

YouTube announced it is rolling out four new artificial intelligence powered tools to simplify the content creation process.

The tools were introduced at the Made on YouTube event Thursday and in a blog post.

These include AI Insights, which produces new video ideas based on what creators’ audiences are watching; Dream Screen, a generative AI tool that allows YouTube Shorts users to create unique backgrounds by typing in a prompt; assistive search for creator music, which suggests soundtracks for videos; and Aloud, a dubbing tool that translates videos into various languages.

“We want to make it easier for anyone to create on YouTube,” CEO Neal Mohan said during the event. 

The tools announced during the Made On YouTube event are expected to be available by early next year. 

The news comes as tech companies, including TikTok and Google (which owns YouTube), continue to introduce more AI products amid an interest from consumers and creators to explore the latest technological innovations.

In its 2023 Culture & Trends Report, YouTube said its videos about generative AI tools received more than 1.7 billion views this year. And 60% of more than 25,000 viewers surveyed said they were open to watching creators who use AI to generate their content.

It was previously announced that YouTube was testing a dubbing feature with creator Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast. 

The company also launched YouTube Create, a mobile-first editing app for its Shorts videos.

Tools in the app include trimming, automatic captions, voiceover recording and royalty-free music with beat matching technology. It is currently only available for Android phones in the Google Play Story. An iOS version is expected to be rolled out next year. 

Mohan said that the company hopes to make content creation more accessible to creators of all levels. He said that YouTube creators have expressed that editing and brainstorming can often be time-consuming. The tools were developed to assist with these tasks. 

Many of the tools are geared toward Shorts production. YouTube reported that Shorts engagement is averaging 70 billion views daily. 

In June, some creators told NBC News at VidCon that they view AI as a tool rather than a threat. 

“I want to learn the most powerful way to use it effectively,” Seth Martino, a creator who makes content on fatherhood and fashion, said at the time.

Daysia Tolentino

Daysia Tolentino is a culture and trends reporter for NBC News.

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