This cap is a big step towards universal, noninvasive brain-computer interfaces

Multiple brain-computer interface (BCI) devices can allow now users to do everything from control computer cursors, to translate neural activity into words, to convert handwriting into text. While one of the latest BCI examples appears to accomplish very similar tasks, it does so without the need for time-consuming, personalized calibration or high-stakes neurosurgery. As recently

Universal brain-computer interface lets people play games with just their thoughts

Editors’ notes This article has been reviewed according to Science X’s editorial process and policies. Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content’s credibility: fact-checked peer-reviewed publication trusted source proofread by University of Texas at Austin Hussein Alawieh, a graduate student in Dr. José del R. Millán’s lab, wears a cap packed with electrodes that

Deleted Universal Studios Video of Eiji Aonuma Sparks Rumours of Legend of Zelda Theme Park – IGN

Universal Studios recently uploaded and deleted a video that showed The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma at its Orlando location, sparking further rumours that a Zelda theme park could be on the way.As reported by Eurogamer, the official Universal Studios Instagram uploaded a video showcasing employee life at the Orlando park, but the internet