Neighbors Refuse To Help Man Install High Speed Internet Cables, So When They Ask Him To Do The Same Thing Years Later He Refuses » TwistedSifter

Neighbors Refuse To Help Man Install High Speed Internet Cables, So When They Ask Him To Do The Same Thing Years Later He Refuses » TwistedSifter

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If there’s one thing that annoys me in this world, its people who are completely unaware of themselves.

For example, if I ask you to try a bite of your sandwich, you are absolutely allowed to refuse. But if you do, you must be delusional if you think you’re having a bite of mine!

But it’s never just a sandwich, its a favor that they can’t do for you, that you absolutely NEED to do for them. I had a roommate that was this person to a T.

So when this user’s neighbors denied helping him out by installing infrastructure that would cost them nothing, he held that same energy when they asked him to do the same thing years later!

Was he being too petty? Decide for yourself!

So I recently got high-speed internet to my house after not having it for nearly a decade.

I live in an area that has multiple options for broadband, but my house sits back about a mile off the public road, so most utilities need to be hard lined to work.

Despite living on a large piece of property, my one and only neighbor is about 800ft away, due to the original owners being family members and wanting their homes to be semi close.

We get along, but don’t interact much. They have done some things that I consider rude, but they seem like generally OK people.

One of these things was there refusal to run the internet infrastructure OP needed through their property….

When I first moved in, I worked a deal out with our local internet provider to run a mainline to my home, if I could get the neighbor to sign up as well.

Reason for that, is they allow a certain allowance per customer for construction costs, and with 2 of us, the total was high enough to cover everything.

Now there is no contract, so they could cancel after the first month, and I offered to pay for their services for the first 3 months as a thank you.

They declined and said they were happy with dsl. I explained they didn’t have to get rid of anything,

I just needed them to allow the line to be ran underground, and sign on for a month minimum, and I’d cover it. Still no.

But even with their stubbornness, years later OP had worked out a deal to get his internet….

We planned on buying a new house eventually so I never had it installed as I didn’t want to pay.

With everything going on, and working from home, I finally worked a deal out, that if I did some of the construction, they would cover any extra costs for the installation.

Now my neighbor sees what’s going on, and comes to ask about our new internet provider.

I explained what I had to go through and that he could do the same if he wanted.

And suddenly they wanted OP to let them build the same infrastructure in his yard that they had initially refused!

I said no for 2 reasons. 1. You screwed me years ago when I wanted cable originally, 2.

I really don’t want them digging into the driveway or having to mow around a wire on the yard all summer.

I admit I’m being petty, but I don’t think I’m in the wrong.

I mentioned it to a friend, and they went off about how everyone in struggling and that I should be a good neighbor and to stop being a spiteful AH.


It is petty, but that neighbor has some nerve to come back and ask for OP to do the same thing that they refused when they first moved in! Talk about a double standard!

Reddit said OP was being completely reasonable, especially with how easy his original offer would have been for them.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

And this user that unfortunately, his neighbors had to learn the consequences of their actions!

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This user said that especially after the construction he already had to do, it’s understandable he doesn’t want to do any more work on his yard.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Finally, this user said people are always struggling, and that doesn’t excuse their previous actions!

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

I wish the neighbors could read these comments, but their internet is probably too slow!

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#Neighbors #Refuse #Man #Install #High #Speed #Internet #Cables #Years #Refuses #TwistedSifter,
#Neighbors #Refuse #Man #Install #High #Speed #Internet #Cables #Years #Refuses #TwistedSifter


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