Nothing’s stylish CMF smartwatch has had another price crash

Nothing’s stylish CMF smartwatch has had another price crash

Amazon is selling Nothing’s CMF Watch Pro smartwatch at a knock-down price.

Let’s get this straight, the CMF Watch Pro was already startlingly cheap at launch. That’s kind of the whole point of Nothing’s budget-focused sub-brand.

However, it’s now dangerously close to impulse buy status as part of Amazon’s deal. The online retailer is now selling the CMF Watch Pro smartwatch for a price of just £53.36, which is a 23% saving on its £69 RRP.

Save 23% on the CMF Watch Pro

Save 23% on the CMF Watch Pro

Nothing’s CMF Watch Pro was already really cheap, but Amazon has chopped 33% off the price.

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  • 33% off
  • Now £53.36

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This will get you a stylish aluminium-framed fitness tracker with smartwatch functionality, a 1.96-inch AMOLED display, multi-system GPS, and up to 13 days of battery life. Despite its price tag, it delivers heart rate and blood oxygen tracking, as well as the ability to take calls over Bluetooth.

You also get IP68 certification, which means you won’t have to worry about water getting into it.

We gave the CMF Watch Pro a hugely positive 4-star review near the beginning of the year, finding it to be “a debut smartwatch that impresses both on the UI and design front”.

It design genuinely doesn’t reflect its budget price tag, while the UI is refreshingly different to anything else on the market. This is a superbly designed bit of kit all round.

That 1.96-inch AMOLED display is a thing of beauty too, with a 410 x 502 resolution and a maximum brightness of 600+ nits. It makes a lot of more expensive smartwatches look a little silly.

#Nothings #stylish #CMF #smartwatch #price #crash,
#Nothings #stylish #CMF #smartwatch #price #crash


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