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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 needs to bring pickleball workout tracking

Last updated: June 5th, 2024 at 17:13 UTC+02:00

You can track a wide variety of workouts and sports activities with the Galaxy Watch. It’s even capable of automatically tracking dozens of workouts like running and swimming, and the accuracy is pretty spot on for the most part.

While Samsung has made meaningful improvements to many of the Galaxy Watch’s health and fitness tracking features over the years, it has seemingly neglected increasing the number of supported workouts, with pickleball being a notable exclusion. That’s why it’s about time that Samsung added it to the smartwatch, and what better way to bring it than with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US

You may not have heard of pickleball if you’re based out of the United States, but it’s a fun game that’s becoming very popular. Pickleball is low-impact and very fun as it brings together some of the best elements of ping pong and tennis.

People in the US are well aware of its surging popularity. Pickleball is actually the fastest-growing sport in the United States for the third year straight. There are more than 36 million pickleball players in the country. It’s easy to play and since it’s low-impact, it can easily be played even by the older demographic.

Naturally, many of those people want to track their pickleball workouts using their smartwatch. Apple realized this and it added pickleball workout tracking to the Apple Watch last year. It remains missing on the Galaxy Watch, which is undoubtedly one of the best-selling Android-powered smartwatches.

People who love to play this game and use the Galaxy Watch don’t have a way to track their workouts. It shouldn’t be that difficult for Samsung to implement since it already supports workout tracking for many other sports. It’s only a matter of realizing what’s gaining popularity and proactively offering the functionality to users.

Samsung has the perfect opportunity to bring pickleball workout tracking with its upcoming launch of the Galaxy Watch 7 series. The company can later roll it out gradually for older models through a software update. It’s something that can be achieved relatively easily and I hope that Samsung does it.

#Samsung #Galaxy #Watch #bring #pickleball #workout #tracking,
#Samsung #Galaxy #Watch #bring #pickleball #workout #tracking


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