‘Starfield,’ ‘Diablo 4’ Expansions Both Look Excellent In New Trailers

‘Starfield,’ ‘Diablo 4’ Expansions Both Look Excellent In New Trailers

Xbox just ended what I have to consider what may possibly be its best overall showcase…ever? I’m not exaggerating. The amount and quality of the games was enormous, and I was genuinely surprised by some of what was featured. But two current games are what I had my eye on the most ahead of the show, with expansions coming for both Starfield and Diablo 4, two of my most-played games in the past year.

Starfield: Shattered Space

The trailer above showcases a complete 180 turn from “let’s all be friends and explore the universe!” vibe of the original Starfield. We are diving into a specific new planet, the homeworld of the mysterious House Va’ruun, the cultish spacefarers who believe a giant Serpent is god. Constellation’s Andreja, also known as the best companion, is from there.

It reminds me of something you might seen in a Fallout game, rather than anything found in current Starfield. Dark, brooding, messed up in a bunch of different ways. I saw some were comparing it to Prey in terms of the visuals and vibes. In any case, it looks more interesting than what’s come before it, and it seems like it’s going to reignite interest in the game to at least some degree. I do believe this has to be purchased, and is not included in Game Pass like the main game.

Shattered Space does not have a release date, still just 2024, which no doubt means some time in the fall, but there is an update live in the game today which includes new missions and Creator mods going live.

Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred

Here we got another excellent, horrific Blizzard cinematic showing Neyrelle, who peaced out with Mephisto trapped in a soulstone, heading to a new location, but being corrupted by the stone itself, and tortured by horrible visions while inside it. Except those have…real world consequences, like the execution of the guy who was ferrying her around on the boat. Just a gut-ripping sequence, in a good way, and it’s nice to continue the (excellent) story of the base game, as that just has not happened at all in seasonal content.

We do have more Vessel of Hatred info past what was shown, including the reveal of the “Spiritborn” which is a brand new class for the series, and will be found in the new jungle location of the expansion. The obvious parallel is Diablo 2’s Amazon, except you know, we need both guy and girl versions now, given how the game is set up. There will be a reveal for the class on June 18, and the game itself is out on October 8.

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#Starfield #Diablo #Expansions #Excellent #Trailers,
#Starfield #Diablo #Expansions #Excellent #Trailers


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