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Apple made RCS messaging an afterthought at WWDC, why wouldn’t it?

What you need to know

  • iOS 18 will add support for RCS messaging on iPhones, improving the quality of texting between iOS and Android users.
  • Despite this being a notable improvement, Apple barely gave the RCS messaging preview any screen time at WWDC.
  • This isn’t surprising because RCS is still not iMessage, and that’s all that matters to Apple.

Apple previewed iOS 18 at the company’s WWDC 2024 developer conference, and there’s one big highlight for Android users — RCS messaging. After years of dealing with SMS and MMS messaging when texting an iPhone user from an Android phone, the experience will improve starting this fall. Android users have been waiting for this for a long time, yet Apple barely spoke about RCS messaging during its iOS 18 showcase. It was an afterthought that came separate from all the other messaging features in iOS 18.

It’s clear that Apple is not thrilled about adding RCS to the iPhone. The company wasn’t technically forced to support RCS, but the industry assumption is that it did so to try and appease the European Union. After all, at one point, iMessage was at risk of becoming a cross-platform service under Digital Markets Act requirements. A few months after Apple announced support for RCS messaging, the EU announced that iMessage wouldn’t fall under the “core platform service” designation.

#Apple #RCS #messaging #afterthought #WWDC #wouldnt,
#Apple #RCS #messaging #afterthought #WWDC #wouldnt


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