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Frontiers,’ Unloads New Episode Information

Bungie promised it would share the future of Destiny in the post-Final Shape era today in a livestream, and they did just that, albeit it focused almost entirely on the next year, rather than on the longer arc of the series as a whole, which is what fans want to know about the most.

The biggest tease of the showcase is something for year 11 of the game called “Codename: Frontiers.” That is literally all we get, other than them making it clear this is Destiny 2 content, not the launch of something like Destiny 3, which there was no way to reasonably expect a year from now.

This does not strike me as something that sounds like an expansion, both in terms of how it’s revealed (we really do not get “codenames” for expansions revealed, just names) and what it’s called, Frontiers. That to me sounds like some sort of…exploratory journey we’re about to go on. That could of course be kicked off by an expansion itself, but it sounds to me more like the concept for a new arc, not a literal piece of content. The hope from many fans already is that we may be exploring outside our solar system for the first time.

We also got a lot more detailed information about the upcoming Episodes in that we learn echoes are objects that left the Traveler in the finale, and they’re causing chaos everywhere.

Echoes – This is our first episode that starts tomorrow, focused on an echo hitting Nessus and it messing with the Vex there, where Failsafe will be our point of contact after being dormant pretty much since the vanilla campaign. There is a three man activity about capping radiolarian wells and we will go deep in the moon to find a lost civilization. There is also a new Vex baddie everyone thinks is Maya Sundaresh after many teases in years past.

Revenant – This is about a Fallen/Scorn power struggle where its revealed that Fikrul has one of the echoes that he’s put on his staff, which is not good news for anyone. The theme for this is “vampire hunting” and we will become a member of an ancient Fallen order of hunters. There are potions for abilities and loot. This will no doubt involve Crow as the main NPC on our side.

Heresy – This is an episode about screwing with the Hive pantheon and “stressing” those existing relationships. Xivu Arath is not mentioned but she will no doubt be a part of this. Savathun too. They said “Eldrich” a number of times in terms of the vibe, and there will be two full armor sets that season. The most important bit is that the Dreadnaught is coming back, though given past history, it may not be all of it, and it may not be permanent, given that this is still seasonal content, so similar to Season of the Haunted and Leviathan. But we don’t know that for sure.

I liked what I saw from the episodes, but I think players wanted to hear more about longer term plans past just a codename. But even that is something to speculate about.

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#Frontiers #Unloads #Episode #Information,
#Frontiers #Unloads #Episode #Information


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