Noise Origin smartwatch review: Shiny, steady, sturdy

Noise Origin smartwatch review: Shiny, steady, sturdy

Rating — 3.5/5
Home-grown wearables brand Noise has emerged as one of the major players in the domestic smartwatch market in the past few years. Among one of the biggest smartwatch companies worldwide, Noise offers some most required features at affordable prices in its devices. The company’s latest smartwatch is another example of the same.

Priced at Rs 6,499, the Noise Origin looks premium and offers useful features. We have been using the Noise Origin smartwatch with leather strap for sometime and here’s what we think:

The stainless steel body of the Noise Origin offers it a premium look and feel. The watch has a big circular dial with sleek bezels and a contour cut design all around which gives it a stylish look. While the watch isn’t that bulky, some users may find it uncomfortable to wear it to the bed. The metal body of the watch makes it sturdy and durable for rough usage.

The Noise Origin sports two buttons — a functional crown and a customisable secondary button — on the right side of the watch. Meanwhile, the sensors and charging magnets are placed below the dial of the smartwatch.

The smartwatch comes with two types of straps — leather and silicone. The leather strap comes in two colours — Classic Black and Classic Brown — while the silicone one has three options — Jet Black, Midnight Black and Silver Grey.

We have been using the Classic Black leather strap which felt average in quality and started showing signs of wear a few days after we started reviewing the smartwatch. So, we recommend fitness enthusiasts should go for the silicone straps. These straps are easily interchangeable and Noise offers different types of straps on its official website. Those interested can purchase them separately.

The smartwatch is 3ATM water resistant and has an IP68 rating. This means it can be worn to the pool but is not suitable for diving or high-pressure water activities.

To test the company’s claims, we used the Noise Origin smartwatch during showers. It caused itching and rashes – something we think is due to the leather strap because we are using another smartwatch with a silicone strap without any skin-related issues.

Noise Origin has a 1.46-inch ApexVision AMOLED display which is bright, colourful and snappy. The brightness of the screen doesn’t adjust to the situation but the watch allowed us to select from the five brightness levels available on the quick menu. The highest level is bright enough to make the screen visible in outdoor situations even under direct sunlight.

The touch response of the display is very efficient and it worked just fine for us. The display also supports premium features like the Always-on-Display and gesture controls like Raise to Wake and Cover to Sleep which adds to its convenience.

The Noise Origin smartwatch features an EN1 processor which offers an impressive performance. Even the Nebula user interface (UI) is smooth and refreshing. We didn’t notice any lag or stutter while testing the watch.

The crown on the Noise Origin can be used to navigate the menu while the secondary button can be customised for multiple functions. By default, this button opens up the option to activate multiple workout modes supported by the smartwatch.

The smartwatch also offers multiple customisation options starting from the menu to watch faces. For the health tracking bit, the smartwatch is somewhat accurate. The step-counting part was on point, however, other features like sleep tracking, heart rate and SpO2 monitoring felt a little hit-or-miss.

Noise Origin has a built-in GPS and supports Bluetooth calling. The call quality is good and loud enough in normal conditions such as when using it at home. Having said that, the smartwatch does not perform well in busy surroundings.

Noise Origin smartwatch is compatible with the Noise Fit app which can be used to further customise the watch.

The battery life on the Noise Origin is quite impressive if you’re not using the AoD. With AoD, the watch runs a little more than 2 days, but if you don’t have that requirement, it will easily go on for a week. The charger can fully charge the watch in 2 hours.

Overall, the Noise Origin smartwatch is a good value for the price point. The smartwatch’s Android-based Nebula processor is smooth and lag-free, and the display is bright as well as colourful. Features like Bluetooth calling and step counting also works fine on the device. So, if you’re looking for a mid-range smartwatch that offers all the required features, the Noise Origin is a good option to consider.

#Noise #Origin #smartwatch #review #Shiny #steady #sturdy,
#Noise #Origin #smartwatch #review #Shiny #steady #sturdy


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