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Samsung advises Galaxy phone users to download the updated Clock app

According to Sammy Fans, Samsung is advising Galaxy phone users running One UI to install the latest update to its Clock app. Version exterminates bugs while making the app run smoother once the 31.55MB update is installed. The manufacturer says that those who do download the new Clock app will benefit from the improvements and fixes available from the update. The latest version of the Samsung Clock app is available from the Galaxy Store.
The bugs that are being exterminated by the update are not posted and the Galaxy Store’s listing of the Clock app shows only that “A few bugs have been fixed.” The app is free and Samsung is listed as the developer. A Galaxy S24 Ultra user complained earlier this year about an issue he was having with the Clock app. “Hello, I’ve noticed an odd bug with the clock on my S24 Ultra. Sometimes the time gets stuck under the current time and it shows 2 numbers on top of each other. Anyone else been experiencing this?”

On Samsung’s EU community website, the aforementioned Galaxy S24 Ultra user included a photo of his phone showing the Clock app bug. Several other users chimed in and stated that they were experiencing the very same issue with their Clock app. Because Samsung has been tight-lipped over the precise bugs that are taken care of with version of the Samsung Clock app, we can’t for sure that this is one of the issues that the update gets rid of.

More recent complaints included one from a user who gave the app just one star and wrote, “No Sound Anymore. Useless. Tried All Tricks From Online. Still Silent Alarm. Terrible.” And just a few days ago, another Samsung Clock user wrote, “It’s just fine as an app – the one thing that’s been recently bothering me is that for some reason the upcoming alarm notification, which is set to 30 minutes prior, seems to begin notifying my two HOURS prior for specifically my alarm for when to leave for work in the morning.”

He continues by explaining that in his attempt to fix the problem, “I’ve tried deleting the alarm and making the exact same one, turning off the upcoming alarm notification and turning it back on, but still it starts appearing at 6:30am when the alarm goes off at 8:15, so it shouldn’t appear until 7:45. This was only recent, too.”

The Clock app gives Samsung Galaxy users an alarm clock, a world clock showing the time in cities around the world, a timer, and a stopwatch.

#Samsung #advises #Galaxy #phone #users #download #updated #Clock #app,
#Samsung #advises #Galaxy #phone #users #download #updated #Clock #app


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