The Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 Bands in 2024

The Best Apple Watch Ultra 2 Bands in 2024

The best Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands match the watch’s outdoor capabilities with rugged designs for active use.

Below, we’ve compiled our favorite options from Apple and trusted brands like Nomad, Zagg, and Otterbox. There are various types, with rubber, nylon, titanium, and leather alternative bands that can fit anyone’s style. 

Among the best Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands, our top pick is the Nomad Rugged band, a durable rubber strap with stainless steel buckles and a breathable, lightweight design. For a budget option, we recommend the hardwearing and affordable Spigen DuraPro Flex band.

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  • The Nomad Rugged Band complements the rugged watch with a durable, waterproof elastomer, stainless steel buckles, and a comfortable yet snug fit.

  • The Trail Loop from Apple has a woven nylon design that’s lightweight yet hardwearing and great for users who spend time hiking or cycling.

  • The Spigen DuraPro Flex is a premium woven nylon band for under $30. It features an easy-to-use buckle clasp and is made of tough yet lightweight fabric.

  • Aquatic-minded Ultra 2 users need the Ocean Band from Apple. It’s made of comfortable, durable rubber and is elastic, making it easy to slip on over a wetsuit sleeve.

  • The Alpine Loop from Apple has a woven design that’s essentially one continuous band, which helps reduce chafing and hot spots. It’s available in three color options.

  • This model from Otterbox is one of the most comfortable bands we’ve worn, featuring soft, sturdy rubber that’s pleasant to wear even during intense workouts. It also comes in 11 different colors to fit anyone’s style.

  • Urban Armor Gear’s band has a hook-and-loop clasp system, making it easy to find a snug, secure fit. It’s also made of nylon, giving it an edge for durability.

  • This Barton band is made of durable silicone, perfect for the Ultra-wearing gymgoer. Plus, it’s available in 19 different colorways, which go great with anyone’s style.

  • The Nomad Titanium Band does a great job of classing up the Ultra 2 when it isn’t in the backcountry. It’s designed with heavy-duty yet lightweight titanium that’s both stylish and tough.

  • Zagg may be a screen protector brand, but it also makes premium Apple Watch bands. The Highland is a quality nylon strap perfect for bike rides, hikes, and outdoor runs.

  • Urban Armor Gear’s Apple Watch Band is a perfect Ultra 2 companion. It features durable yet soft silicone, a stainless steel clasp, and a textured interior for a comfortable, secure fit.

  • Otterbox’s classy leather alternative band is made from sustainably sourced cactus in a breathable and supremely durable form with intricate stitching.


Can the Apple Watch Ultra 2 use any Apple Watch band?

Yes, so long as it’s the right size. Double-check the sizing of any band you buy for the Ultra 2 and that it fits the watch’s 49mm case. Many of the best Apple Watch bands vary in size and are intended more for the Series 9 or SE. 

Keep in mind that any band compatible with the original Apple Watch Ultra will also work with the Ultra 2, so any of the best Apple Watch Ultra bands can also be considered Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands.

What should I look for in an Apple Watch Ultra 2 band?

Aside from ensuring compatibility between the watch and a band, the most important thing to consider is how you intend to use your Apple Watch Ultra 2, the best Apple Watch for outdoor use. 

For example, if you plan on using it only for outdoor activities, you probably shouldn’t invest in a leather band as your daily go-to. Instead, something made of woven nylon or rubber would be best. 

However, leather and leather alternatives are solid choices for users who want something to swap on while in the office or out to dinner. The same goes for metal bands. 

Is it better to buy a band from Apple or a third-party brand?  

Apple’s in-house options are known for their durability and are among the best Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands available.

However, from our testing, there are several third-party brands we trust to offer first-rate options, including those from Nomad, Otterbox, Zagg, and others listed in our picks above. 

Are Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands more durable than other Apple Watch bands?  

They can be, yes. Many Apple Watch Ultra 2 bands are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear and are sometimes more durable in construction than those intended for the Apple Watch Series 9. However, this isn’t always the case since plenty of Series 9 bands are also highly durable.

Can you use an Apple Watch Series 9 band with the Apple Watch Ultra 2? 

Yes and no. Some bands sized for the smaller case size of the Apple Watch Series 9 will not work for the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Similarly, bands sized for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will likely be too big for some Series line models. It’s important to check the sizing of the watch band you’re purchasing and your Apple Watch to confirm the correct fit.

For picks suited to the Series 9, see our guide to the best Apple Watch Series 9 bands

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