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AT&T crews work to restore cable, internet service in Heights

On Monday, AT&T crews were in the process of restoring internet and cable to neighbors in the Heights, three weeks after severe weather knocked out their service.

HOUSTON — Several residents in the Heights finally got the resolution they hoped for after turning to KHOU 11 for help. They lost internet and cable service three weeks ago after a derecho swept through Houston and knocked down nearby AT&T lines.

For Kristie Corson, it’s been a long few weeks trying to get it all fixed.

“I don’t feel confident that anyone is paying attention to this because there’s no excuse for why the lines still need to be on the ground,” she said.

The longtime Heights resident told KHOU 11 that she called AT&T almost every day for weeks but nothing was done. Corson said AT&T previously sent several technicians to her street, but they never brought the equipment needed to rehang the downed internet and cable lines.

“They’re sending someone who thinks there’s an issue at my home, (but) when they get here and realize it’s the line, they say there’s nothing I can do,” she said.

Corson’s neighbor, David, said he’s dealt with the same problem.

“They’ve probably been out here five times,” he said. “And every time I tell them it’s a block (wide) issue, sending somebody out in a van is not going to do it … but they consistently do it.”

Along with the loss of internet and cable, he and Corson said the downed wires also presented safety issues. At one point, the potentially charged cabling blocked another neighbor’s driveway. Ultimately, the wires had to be tacked onto the side of their house.

“A technician from AT&T with a van did help with that,” he said. “But it’s dangerous, we need them to do more. It seems there’s no communication with the people on the ground and the people who could deploy the proper help, like bucket trucks.”

Without a permanent solution, Corson said she switched to a new internet service provider last Friday.

“I just wanted AT&T to communicate more,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to tell us it’s going to take a month to two months to fix it. Tell us so that we as your customers can make other arrangements.”

On Monday evening, KHOU 11 spotted a crew with a bucket truck rehanging the downed line. It was unclear if service had been restored as of 6:30 p.m.

An AT&T spokesperson sent the following statement to KHOU 11 regarding internet and cable service in the Heights:

“A small number of customers in the Heights area may still be experiencing home phone and internet service interruptions following damage from last month’s storms and additional delays from a third-party cable cut. We’ve made significant progress with our restoration efforts and technicians continue to work as quickly and safely as possible until all service is restored.”

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